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Asking Questions

It’s really hard for me to believe that we’re in the middle of April already.  It seems like yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas and turning the page on the calendar to a new year.  But I’m fully aware that the calendar keeps turning and that we not only have Christmas behind us, but Easter, as well!  The upside of this fast-paced timespan is that golf season is upon us (and the clubs are being cleaned up in anticipation of the inaugural round of this season on Friday!).

We have moved through the liturgical seasons, as well.  After spending the past two weeks on post-resurrection stories, this week marks the beginning of a new sermon series.  For the next eight weeks, we’ll be focusing on questions of faith.  Using the bookAsk:  Faith Questions In A Skeptical Age by Bishop Scott Jones and his son, Rev. Arthur Jones, we will wrestle with some common questions of both long-term, ‘dyed-in-the-wool’ Christians, as well as those on the fringe of any form of religious belief.  Jesus said, “Ask, and you will receive” (Matthew 7:7), so we know it’s OK to ask questions.  As a matter of fact, when Jesus was preaching and teaching, he made sure he was available to be questioned.  Through this next series, I hope you will gain some answers – not just for yourself, but for those who may very well be asking you these questions.

Here’s a look at the eight questions we’ll explore:

  • Was Jesus’ Resurrection Real?
  • Can I trust the Old Testament?
  • How Can I Believe in a God I Can’t Prove?
  • How Can I Believe in Science and Creation?
  • Why Do Christians Disagree About So Many Things?
  • Can Only One Religion Be True?
  • Why Is There Suffering and Evil?
  • Are Marriage, Sex, and Family Life Religious Issues?

This will be a great series to help you grow in your faith, but I’m certain that people who are seeking the faith or are new to the faith will find value in these questions, so go beyond inviting someone to join you in worship…bring someone to worship with you.