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Being An Anti-Racist Youth and Parent

Even when we see the harm of racism, many of us feel ill-equipped for right action to oppose it, or even confidence in recognizing it for what it is as it happens in our community. As Christians, in our baptismal vows, we make a promise to resist evil, injustice and oppression in whatever forms that they present themselves. We all have different levels of comfort with confronting oppression, but we are challenged to learn and grow to make anti-racist practice a regular part of our lives.

This is the second in a short series of workshops that will ground our anti-racism work in faith, introduce spiritual and embodied practices to build resilience, and build skills for interrupting harmful behaviors and speech. See an excerpt from the first workshop’s Q&A at Why The N-word is Not Okay, or view the entire first workshop at Anti-Racism Workshop: Becoming an Ally

This workshop will be facilitated by Rev. Dana Neuhauser, Racial Justice Organizer for the Minnesota Annual Conference.

Masks are required. This event is free but we ask you to sign up so we have enough space. You can register (button at top of page) via Eventbrite for in person attendance, or there will be a Livestream + recording available in our sermon library.


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