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Filling Up

I have been trying to reduce the sugar in my diet. I am not a calorie counter, or much of nutrition tracker, mostly because when I start paying attention to those things I go a little nuts and overwhelm myself with information and strategies. Not having time or energy for that, when I want something sugary I try to remember that sugar is not only nonessential to my health, it is bad for my body and after a brief rush of enjoyment, it really doesn’t help my state of mind, either. If I reduce the number of times I eat things with a lot of sugar, and reduce the amount I eat when I do go for a sweet, I feel better. It is a simple but very satisfying plan, especially when I stick to it when I am tired and get hit with a craving. When I overindulge, I feel gross.

Last night I was sitting in front of the TV, and I realized I was watching a show that I did not care about at all only because it was on when the previous show ended. There was nothing else I wanted to watch more so I didn’t change the channel, and I was too sluggish to turn off the TV and move to an activity I did care about. I was mindlessly gorging on brain candy. Facebook and other social media can be like that for me also. I go to these things intending to just spend a little time watching something specific, or check out a few updates, and suddenly the evening is over, I have a cramp in my neck or my hand from sitting awkwardly too long and I feel gross. The end of the day can be rough on my good intentions.

Mornings are better. I read a few chapters every morning as part of my routine and I have found a lot of good material that feeds my mind and soul with the good stuff. This, along with getting enough rest so I don’t get overtired, eating right most of the time, and getting outside and moving around most days, helps me make better decisions later in the day. Usually. (I am not perfect.)

Our children and middle school Sunday school classes are exploring the theme of Stewardship this month and are learning about how everything, us included, belongs to God. We are thinking about how we take care of the stuff we have been given, and how to value the time we have and I think we need to remember that taking care of our minds and bodies is also important to the God who created us. Choosing healthier options honors the gifts God has given us and helps us to live abundantly. This Sunday, the kids will be challenged to “fill their lives with the important stuff first.” I am happy with how this idea is changing the way I decide how I fill up my stomach, my time and my brain. If you need a change, maybe it will help you too!