Worship at 9:30 a.m. Sundays in our sanctuary or
online anytime (see sermon library.)

Upcoming Events:

  • We Like to Move It: 5th-12th graders please show up to help reconfigure our youth space in the Parsonage from 10:30 – 11:15 a.m. Sunday, Jan 23, 2022. In addition to furniture moving we will consider what we need to do to make the space awesomer (which is not a word and I don’t care.)
  • The Event: a night of in-person fun for grades 6-12 where we join forces electronically with other youth in Minnesota for a life sized game of Clue, a Christian hip-hop concert by Kaboose, a message from Catie (youth pastor at The Well), and other fun stuff! 6:30-8:30 p.m. Wed, Jan 26, 2022.
  • Anti-Racism for Youth & Parents workshop (aka Discussions for Racial Unity) click here to view the event page.
  • Looking ahead: more of what you want…(but what is that, specifically? Send feedback to Lynnette)
  • Highway Clean Up and AWESOME splurgefest (also not a word; still not caring): normally when we do highway cleanup we get a donation from the Haugen Agency which we put into the Youth Fund for camp scholarships. Not this year. THIS year, if you help clean up litter with the youth group, you help design the menu for lunch after the pickup and I want it to be EPIC. What would make it epic for you? We will be scheduling for May, and I am thinking Saturday morning May 14 or Sunday May 15 after worship. It will depend on how many can sign up, so weigh in with your preferred time/day and lock it down on the calendar ASAP.
  • Vacation Bible School is tentatively scheduled for evenings August 8-11, 2022. We will be making Discoveries on Adventure Island! Grades (entering) kindergarten-6th, with older youth needed to be helpers and leaders! More details and official registration will be coming soon but you can get on the list by contacting Lynnette at kidsandfamilies@htumc.org.

The Regular Schedule:

(Infants, Toddlers and PreK care in the nursery during worship will be offered once leaders are scheduled.)

K-4th grade (in person, or at home option) Sundays 9:30-10:30: Begin with worship in the sanctuary, then after children’s time meet for Sunday school in classrooms 1 & 2 (by the parking lot entrance). Learn about the major teachings in the Old and New Testaments! Earn badges for attending in-person or doing at home lessons (contact Lynnette at kidsandfamilies@htumc.org to get your at-home resources.)

5th & 6th grade (in person ) Sundays 10:30-11:00: After church check in with Lynnette or an awesome sub in classroom 3 (next to Lynnette’s office.) Other activities as scheduled.

7th-8th grades: Confirmation classes scheduled for many Wednesday evenings Sept-May (contact office@htumc.org if you want to be sure you are on the list!) Sunday morning worship* and gather afterward in the youth space (10:30-11:30) for check-in and weekly encouragement. Possible snacks. Other events as scheduled.

9th-12th grades Sunday morning worship*, and gather afterward in the youth space (10:30-11:30) for check-in and weekly encouragement or, if you prefer, remonstration (look it up); I can play it either way. Also, potentially, snacks. Other events as scheduled.

*5th-12th grades: learn a little something doing Worship Notes 4 The Win, and add your name for each week of notes completed for a chance to win the prize of the month! Prizes so far have included a 3.5 lb. bag of gummi bears, a gift card for Dominos Pizza, a gift card for Michaels Art and Craft store and a giant container of cheese balls! If you are doing this from home, click to open and print the pdf below and send a pic of the completed notes to Lynnette at 651-492-8188.

Worship Notes 4 The Win online