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Thank you for joining us on our first effort at online worship! We look forward to adding more elements, including music, content from Sunday school and more, but we hope this simple offering will be helpful in building some sacred time into your week. Please check in Sunday at 9 a.m. when the latest sermon and worship experiences will be available. Thank you for being here!


Welcome! Please note: there are three videos below. The first is a message from Pastor Chad about our current reason and opportunity for worshiping electronically, the second is the prayer/scripture/message, and the third is a children’s sermon.

A note on Sunday school: We hope to be able to add weekly videos to keep our kids engaged with their Holy Trinity classrooms, but until then don’t forget the Parent Cue app! Our own curriculum provider, Orange Leaders, adds new content each Monday that helps build faith at home (where faith begins) for all ages of kids. They also drop the video of the week each Monday so the kids won’t have to miss out.  For more info and a link to the app on Google Play and the App Store, click HERE.