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  1. We enjoyed your holy Easter message with your inspiring word Shalom. Peace (comfort) to all who have made this Easter service so relevant and true to what we are living today. Amen

  2. How wonderful to hear this timely message and the beautiful music. May the peace that passes all understanding be with us all today…and forever.

  3. Absolutely loved watching. Hearing the trumpets playing brings goosebumps every year. Thank you Jim and Scott for being there so I could FEEL the rising of Jesus through song. It wasn’t as good as being there in person, but the next best thing. What I love about Easter is the feeling that anything is possible. We all need that right now so hearing the message and feeling the hope is perfect. Thank you Pastor Chad, Lynnette, Kris, Dot, Randy and everyone else who is contributing to the various services. It is appreciated.

  4. Thank you for a beautiful, inspiring, meaningful and timely service. I echo the above comments and appreciate all the time and talents that made this possible. Looking forward to when we can gather again in person but thankful we are staying connected this way. Stay healthy, share the love and may peace be with all of us and our loved ones and communities.

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