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  1. Thank you again for our savior thoughts. Love hearing from you on each opportunity shared. I also love the beautiful purple colors and appreciate what outfit Chad!

    • Thank you again for viewing our worship service. We appreciate your faithfulness in watching and commenting. Stay well, Diane!

  2. Excellent sermon. It hit home for me. Thank you. So glad that the audio has been “revived”. Makes listening much more enjoyable. Also encouraged to be reassured that we all can be heroes in what may seem to be small things to some but are most important to the recipients. Great job, Keith, Randi, Dot, and sound booth operator!

    • Gail, I’m glad to hear you found a message just for you in today’s service. And yes, we are using a new set up that produces sound and video that is more clear. Thanks for noticing!

  3. Appreciated the service. Miss being with all in person! Blessed Lenten journey.
    Yes, I agree about the visuals and colors. Thanks Pastor Chad and Randi and Dot and Keith for a
    meaningful worship service. Have a good week everybody and stay well.

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