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Jesus: The Superhero Who Saves

Jesus is welcomed as a superhero, but he doesn’t live up to the people’s expectations of the Messiah “superhero.”  Instead, Jesus shows us that a true hero doesn’t always live up to our expectations. Today we consider the stories of Superman and Officer Eugene Goodman.

Note: In response to feedback about volume issues, we tried some things to fix it. If you have had problems in the past, please let us know if this week is better!


  1. Diane Rauschenfels

    Officer Goodman gave a true example of security to save help individuals and groups!! Great value of safe assistance. Hanks for sharing!

  2. The sound went up and down a few times but stayed up. Thank you. The Palm Sunday service seeing our church friends with the palms was spectacular!! The music beautiful and your sermon very very nice. Thanks to all. Thanks. We enjoyed

  3. Beautiful service! A huge improvement in the sound–a few crackles that didn’t distract from the fact we could hear every word. Thank you for working on that! My palm leaf was out and waving! What a glorious day to celebrate. And now the pain…..But THIS time we know what is coming after and can celebrate next Sunday the “rest of the story”.

  4. So Wonderful to be able to attend church from home this week. great music,song, liturgy and Bible readings, prayers, sermon, sound, visual. Thanks. Am anticipating Good FRIDAY and joyful Easter Sunday.. Thanks.so much for most appreciated prayers. God less you all.
    Gail Landor

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