Worship at 9:30 a.m. Sundays in our sanctuary or
online anytime (see sermon library.)
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  1. Todays message lifted my heart feeling joy with the Lord. I am wondering if you thought it might be a good idea to light the candleabras in the back of the alter. It also lights up the screen when you smile. Thank you and all for the hard work.

    • Becky,
      It’s a joy to be able to worship together, and I’m so glad your heart was lifted. Thanks for worshipping with us!

  2. Hi Pastor Chad and Church family,
    I love joining you every Sunday morning. Your sermon starts the week off with such positivity. I also enjoy the feeling of being up in one of the front pews when I view the service on my tablet. I may have to move up a few rows when we are finally able to return to church. See you all next week.

    • Thanks, Sandy, for joining us in worship and your kind words. I’m so glad you find the positivity and joy. When we’re back in the sanctuary I’ll be looking for you in the front row!

  3. Such a joy it is to be able to worship with you as your guest, as I have each Sunday during this Covid-19 event. Very much looking forward to more!

    • Sharon,

      It’s a real blessing to be able to offer worship to members and guests alike. You’re always welcome to join us! We’ll be online, even after we’re able to be back “live” in the church.

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