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  1. A beautiful way to begin Advent. I agree that it doesn’t take much to make a connection with a neighbor with a little gesture of kindness.

    The blue and white theme looks so pretty and is a refreshing change from the more familiar colors associated with the season.

    May you all be blessed with neighborly love.

  2. Another great message . I appreciate the share. Thank you. My neighbors will open pictures and hold single colors to Christmas songs. Lovely ideas. Great.

  3. Thank you for the beautiful Christmas decorations along with the beautiful music along with the good message to encourage us this advent season.

  4. Thanks so much , Pastor Chad and Randi and the behind the scenes team, for creating another inspiring worship service. I haven’t felt comfortable attending in person worship here in Lake City so I continue to listen and sing along with you all. Blessings of the season to you!

  5. Your inspiring words are uplifting. A way to fall back to when life gets the best of me. I also feel the calmness you project. Thank You!

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