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Our Money Story: Reimagine

Scripture calls us to reimagine a world where our social and economic systems are not built to disparage or impoverish, but instead to provide for and benefit all. This week we revisit the story of the widow’s mite, a scripture that begs for reimagination and reinterpretation from the harmful ways it has been used. Instead of commending the widow’s giving practices, perhaps Jesus is condemning the economic system that created her poverty. The Jewish practice of the Jubilee year invites us to imagine leaving the edge of the harvest for the poor and immigrant to reap; in the fiftieth year, the harvest is shared and disparities are rebalanced. In light of these stories in scripture, we are called to reimagine our own money stories.

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  1. Thank you for the music and support message! I really find it fulfilling and able to hear it more and more as my ability to learn the improvements from my stroke. My work at UMD in therapy from Duluth makes more constructive methods for me. Thanks for my help! Much appreciated!

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