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With Glad Hearts

After the events of Holy Week, the disciples are devastated.  They are in the midst of full-blown grief and disbelief.  Into the heart of that grief came a stunning revelation – life had overcome death!  God’s faithfulness would build them up once again and bind them together.  Is this possible in our lives today, especially considering all that is going on around us?  Our worship over these next few weeks will say, “Yes it can!”  Come and see!  Live and love!  This is the heart of the matter!”


  1. Great sermon! Thank you. Your literalist was very good…very clear and easy to listen to. Thank you for encouraging us and giving suggestions on how to reach others.

  2. And now I can’t wait to see next week’s service! It just gets better and better–and truthfully I cannot imagine how you can improve on this! I definitely feel like I’ve been in the company of other Easter people. Thank you! PEACE!!!

  3. Being able to share in worship in a more concrete way was great.The service brought me back to a place of peace and joy after a tough week.Thanks to all of you!

  4. O I got kicked out so I do not know if you can see it. I will type it again. It was great to see so much joy in our faith. I liked being active in the service but I cried with the names. So please don’t tell anyone. Maybe I have been in the house to long. Today we are talking about taking a ride. Thank you for all the work you put into computer services. It really helps. God bless you. Becky Brown

  5. Thank you all so much! Each service is so meaningful. This service put tears in my eyes when we were asked to name those we are missing during this time and to think of memories that brought us happiness and peace. You are making a huge difference in this isolation period. I look forward to each Sunday service.

    • Thank you Pastor Chad, Chris, Tina, Lynette, & Don for this very uplifting service! Peace be with all at Holy Trinity! I will rejoice and be glad in it!
      Kathy N.

  6. Wow! Pastor Chad, you’re right up there with the TBN league. My gratitude to you and all for another uplifting and magnificent service. You just keep improving each week, when I think you have it already nailed down. Let us not be allowed to congregate with each other for a very long time. I like this Covid-19 shut down. Special love!!!!

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