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Seven Last Words week 6 FINISHED

Hi, and welcome to week six in our online Lent reflection series! We are getting close to the end of this series as we approach Easter. If you have enjoyed the videos and reflections, but would also like to try the coloring sheets we have been using, you can contact me at kidsandfamilies@htumc.org and I will help you out with that. Below are some pics of coloring sheets from previous weeks; if you would like to share a shot of yours, or even just a close up of a favorite bit of one of yours, send it to me and I will add it in next week! After you view the video, please add to the discussion in the comments with some answers to the questions posted below, or reply to others’ comments.

Viewing these reflections online, in our own time, is convenient and comfortable but relational ministry, our caring connection with each other, only occurs when we engage with each other. Sharing our own experiences and our takes on the reflections or visuals makes this a richer experience for others, and is intended to help us overcome barriers and isolation that may be common, but shouldn’t be normal. Jesus calls us into relationship with God and community with each other.

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Discussion Questions

  • Can you share a story of a time you’ve celebrated an ending?
  • Can you share a story of a time when an ending has been sad?

Going Deeper

  • What do you think was finished, or ended, at the crucifixion?
  • What are some ways you’ve seen the work Jesus did during his life continue, in your home or church or community? What are some ways you, or those around you, try to make sure that the story and love of Jesus aren’t “finished”?
  • What do these words call you to today?


  1. The questions in the video were different from the ones posted here. I liked the video questions better, so I used those.

    A time I celebrated an ending: When I have completed a difficult class and know that I worked hard, did my best, and gained knowledge and understanding.

    A time when an ending has been sad: death of loved ones, ending a complicated friendship.

    A time when an ending has been BOTH celebrated and sad at the same time: closing on the sale of our house, sad to say goodbye to neighbors of 15 years and to our church family; moving farther away from family but also celebrating a new adventure with a new home, new church family and freedom from all the worries of owning a home.

    What do I think was finished with the crucifixion of Jesus? The opportunity to learn from Jesus in person – to speak to him and touch him. The opportunity for the people to accept his Word directly from his speaking to the crowds. Most important though was that he finished what was prophesized in the Old Testament – to fulfill his destiny and give witness to the truth of God’s promises to us. He completed his task for our salvation.

    How do I see the work of Jesus continue today in home/church/community? Through the many means of grace: acts of compassion, justice, worship and devotion.

    What ways do we make sure the stories of Jesus aren’t forgotten? We learn about Jesus and then tell others about him, and we teach about him in church classes, and preach about him in worship services. We study scripture and discuss what we read. We strive to live our lives as disciples – following the teachings of Jesus. We try to set good examples by how we live.

    What do these words call me to do today? “Love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and love my neighbor as myself”; Do no harm, Do good, Follow the ordinances of God.

    • Lynnette Dobberpuhl (Author)

      Thanks for pointing out the questions were different! I fixed them. Honestly I am surprised that is the first time this has happened. Great comments (you are getting SO MUCH candy!)

  2. Lynnette Dobberpuhl (Author)

    I thought when Jesus said, “It is finished,” he was speaking of the immediate: the arrest, abuse, trial, and suffering. He was saying, this part is over, the next begins. His work had been prepared to be passed on. I imagine it as setting down a heavy burden after successfully carrying it on a long and difficult road, a relief and an accomplishment. But I don’t know, and my thoughts on this may change in time. I love that we can always grow in our understanding, as long as we are seeking God.

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